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Transmission Shelby Township MI

Nash’s Auto delivers superior transmission repair services in Shelby, Michigan for a variety of foreign and domestic cars. We believe in working to help our customers save on expenses even as they are able to drive with ease. To this end we rebuild transmissions that can be fixed by us and only recommend replacement of transmissions if they cannot be rebuilt. At Nash’s Auto we have the ability to diagnose a host of transmission problems including those that occur in automatic transmission systems and manual transmissions. Our expert mechanic can identify the problem with the transmission and help repair it. When you bring your car with a transmission problem to Nash’s Auto, you can be assured of reliable service. We stand by the quality of our service and provide a two year or 24,000 mile warranty for most of our repair services. If the transmission needs to be replaced, we will be able to locate the necessary parts using the Internet and ensure a quick and suitable replacement. Nash’s Auto prides itself in providing affordable auto repair services for all our customers. To this end we do not recommend replacing a transmission unit at the first sign of trouble. Instead we will rebuild it if possible, saving on costs. We only recommend a replacement if the transmission unit cannot be repaired. You car is likely to have transmission problems if you are not able to change gear easily, if there is a clunking, whining, or humming noise, if the car grinds or shakes as you drive, if the transmission fluid is leaking, if there is a burning smell, if the check engine sign is on, if the clutch drags, if the car is noisy in neutral, or if the gears slip or change before you move them. If any of these signs are apparent in your car, you need to bring it in to Nash’s Auto for a transmission examination as soon as possible. Depending on the problem, our trained mechanic will fix it by either adding transmission fluid or working to ensure that the entire gear and clutch mechanism works smoothly once again. Our prices depend on the actual cause of the problem and the amount of work needed to get the transmission to work properly again. While just changing the transmission fluid will be a low cost service, replacing the entire transmission unit will cost you much more and will not fall under the simplicity category.

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