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Steering/Suspension Shelby Township MI

Nash’s Auto offers premium steering and suspension repairs for foreign and domestic cars in Shelby, Michigan. When you are driving, you should be able to easily turn your car when you want to with a light touch on the steering wheel, or hold the car on a straight path. However, if you find yourself constantly battling the steering wheel and having to strain your shoulders to ensure that the car moves in the direction you want it to, then you need to bring your car in for a steering inspection and repair. At Nash’s Auto we can repair the steering wheel and change steering fluid to ensure that driving is once again a pleasure. Our trained mechanics will replace the steering fluid in your vehicle and also examine the steering wheel for other problems and correct them. The suspension of a car has shock absorbers and struts that ensure a smooth ride even if there are bumps and potholes on the road. However, over time the shock absorbers and struts get worn out and then the ride becomes bumpy. If you find that your car rides are no longer smooth, you should get your car shocks and struts inspected. If they are damaged they should be replaced, to ensure a smooth ride. Nash’s Auto provides replacement of shocks and struts for most makes of cars. We can easily place and order for the struts and shocks over the Internet and replace them for you quickly. Most front-wheel cars have struts and shock absorbers that have to be replaced periodically to ensure a smooth ride. You can improve the quality of your ride by bringing your car to us for replacement of the shocks and struts. We believe in providing superior service for all makes of cars. Our affordable and dependable car service includes replacing steering fluids, struts, and shocks. We stand by the excellence of our service and guarantee customer satisfaction. We do not believe in cutting corners or rushing through a job, instead we will work to ensure that all aspects of the repair or replacement are done properly. When your car shows any mechanical problem such as failed shock absorbers or difficult steering, all you need to do is bring it in to Nash’s Auto for a full repair and replacement of all damaged parts.

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