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Auto Repair Utica MI | Oil Change Utica MI | Brake Repair Utica MI

Nash’s Auto is a full service auto repair service provider in Utica, Michigan. The business was started in 2010 by Nash, who is an AC service master technician. The facility provides auto repair, oil change, and brake repair services among others. In addition, we also provide transmission repair and suspension repair services. Nash’s Auto is proud of being a NAPA AutoCare Center. This means that a majority of the services we provide come with a two year warranty or 24,000 mile warranty. We stand by our work and guarantee the excellence of our repairs. Nash’s Auto provides fair and honest services for a variety of auto repair work. This includes oil change and brake repair services. When we change the oil we also inspect the engine and will alert you to any issues that need to be fixed. Our charges are affordable and provided by a trained mechanic. In general we recommend that brakes be changed after 40,000 miles or as per manufacturer’s instructions. While earlier, auto servicing used to take long, now it is faster with computerization and the Internet. Nash’s Auto can easily place an order for a spare part for any foreign or domestic make of car and complete the replacement quickly. When it comes to transmission repair services, we will first examine the degree of the problem and either rebuild the transmission or replace it. Rebuilding the transmission can be less expensive for the customer and we try and do this at Nash’s Auto if possible. However, we advise a replacement if the damage to the transmission is extensive. At Nash’s Auto, we believe in giving a fair and honest service to our customers. All our repair work is dependable and comes with a two year warranty or 24,000 miles on the road. We work hard to exceed customer expectations and will go the extra mile to ensure that your vehicle is correctly repaired and ready for the road once you leave it with us for a service or repair. Apart from the brakes and suspension we can also fix the electrical and AC units in your vehicle. We have the skills and knowledge to ensure that the car AC and electrical circuits are running properly and can fix a range of problems in these areas apart from any mechanical problem with the vehicle.

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